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She belligerently got out her own video camera and started videotaping me putting her camera almost in my face, while continuously berating me. I will swear that before God. (End of pertinent section of Dec. 23, 2008 e-mail). Daniel Saileupumoni Shelton (born August 20, 1993) is an American football defensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). It seems you won't admit to mistakes so maybe Linda lied to you, but even then it is still a mistake. _Subject: Re: Genetic Profiles follow up question. I have no interest in trying to "prove" anything. (Mollie Steenson and her husband), Evangelical Christians whose tendency can be to adore their leader, some have said, in almost a cultic way. Since I had never seen Trinity Murray, and Danny knew that, I was expected to take Danny and Brandys word for it with no objective documentation whatsoever to prove the childs identity. The signature on the line labeled Brandy Shelton on this document is quite different from the signature of Brandy Elswick (her maiden name) on the license for her marriage to Kevin Murray (Brandys second husband, who she divorced just one month before she supposedly arrived at 3ABN for the first time in November of 2004 according to Danny Shelton). Is that a direct answer enough for you? I was told how to find the forty accredited DNA testing laboratories and I could arbitrarily choose one which I did. That's not the kind of "bargain" an innocent man would try to negotiate. And innuendo and false accusations are not adequate to classify as proof. what is multiplicative comparison. A court date has been set in the near future to remedy that. But you believed her without proof. Where's the proof. I have to get her consent since it is her daughter but I don't see that as a problem especially when I can let her know that you will be paying us $10,000 to see the results that I am not the father. It makes no sense. As I said, she may have come to 3ABN AGAIN in Nov. 2004, but YOU were looking for housing for her in August of 2004. and I worked with her at 3ABN either in 1999 or 2000. I didn't make any accusations against either one of you. Danny Shelton had no grounds, Biblically, to divorce Linda and remarry in the SDA church. Why would Danny Shelton waste that money getting secretly tested if he knew he was not the father of Trinity? But now that I was to be there in his territory, I pointed out that he could bring the tape and play it for me without having the tape leave his possession. Irrespective of who owns the car, it is against the law to tape a conversation without both parties knowing it and agreeing to it. Contrary to your saying "no mistake" you are absolutely wrong. If you can prove that Brandy (the now Brandy Shelton) worked with you while you were at 3ABN during any years prior to my divorce I'll give you $100,000! Shelton signed with the Kansas City Chiefs on August 15, 2022. But for you to continue to say that you worked with Brandy while at 3ABN was nothing more than a mistake but you should at least be willing to concede that you might be wrong when someone is willing to put up a great deal of money if you can prove you are right. Where is your obligation to pursue truth? 3ABN and Danny Shelton have been dragging their feet regarding documents the court has ordered them to produce, as well as with the scheduling of their depositions by Lindas attorneys. The phone conversation lasted possibly forty minutes and Danny made many accusations against Linda. During a two-hour interview, the men praised Walsh and her two sisters (collectively known as "the Micheff Sisters") for their nearly two decades of volunteer . Brandy Shelton. In addition, I was not allowed to take fingerprints of Trinity nor of Danny or Brandy. Find Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok profiles, images and more on IDCrawl - free people search website. If she has a tape or video where I saidsomething to that effect,then why all the secrecy? Could this child be the daughter of one of Brandys sisters? But she continued to refer to it as ugly juice. It may not be apparent on the scan, but it is clear when looking at the DNA testing agreement directly that when Danny received the document, someone crushed the papers up into a ball that would fit into a persons clenched fist. I purposely did not open the DNA testing packets until we were all together so I could not be accused of tampering with the sample-testing equipment. Whoever can be determined to be telling the truth, that is the side I'm on. Brandy and Shawn Brannack divorced on October 7, 1999 when Brandy was already 4-5 months pregnant by a man other than her husband. Why was I not allowed to see any original documents to confirm the identity of Trinity (passport, government I.D.)? They usually are very curious to see what is going on around them. They failed to prove it so moved on to other accusations. Brandy Shelton Found 239 people in Texas, Missouri and 43 other states. Once again you are wrong. View the profiles of people named Brandy Shelton. Photos courtesy Associated Press. Lorraine, you have falsely accused Brandy and me. pictures of danny and brandy shelton tuna salad with yogurt and apples. What would be his motivation for trying to extort $10,000.00 from me, if it wasnt outright greed? Another source saw a moving van at the Shelton door on Thursday, July 9, 2009. YOU are the one who started all of this. Even when I saw you and Brandy in your wedding picture and I commented, "Yes, that's Brandy" to my friends, I had no idea that anyone would ultimately claim that she was not there the last time I was. All siblings of the same two parents obviously get their DNA from the same two parents. Does Danny do nothing unless he can make money at it? It is impossible to know the identity of the other party on the line. What did she get for her 11-12 hour work-days for almost 20 years, her donations of her CD royalties to 3ABN, Lindas repeated giving of her weekends for years and years to travel for 3ABN after working long hours all week, and her allegiance and total dedication to the network for almost twenty years? Because the name Brandy is rather unusual, I clearly remembered working with her. On April 30, 2015, Shelton was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 12th overall selection of the first round in the 2015 NFL Draft. Brandy herself named the father of Trinity as Kevin Murray, even though she was married to another man (Shawn Brannack) at the time she became pregnant by Kevin Murray.. 104 Brandy Norwood pictures. In week 11 against the Philadelphia Eagles, Shelton recorded a strip sack on Carson Wentz which was recovered by teammate Lawrence Guy in the 1710 win. It's unreal that you will not acknowledge that maybe you are mistaken. My biggest question is why is there such a monumental, egregious, DOUBLE-STANDARD held by Danny Shelton, 3ABN Board Chairman, Walter Thompson, Kay Kuzma, Mollie Steenson, and the other 3ABN Board Members, as well as many others at the top level of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. If Linda called the other person by name at any time, I was not allowed to hear that. But where is the significance of this name for Brandy prior to her association with Danny? He also participated in track & field as a thrower. (Her other daughters name is Jody, who is probably named after Brandys twin sister - now deceased). Because even they when they have made big statements.then investigated farther. suddenly became silent and didn't press the issue any more. So Danny maliciously and viciously dumped his wife, Linda, in a whirlwind of false accusations of spiritual and physical adultery, yet immediately took up with and then married - Brandy, who is, by available court records, a fornicator and an adulteress!! So THAT is not a false accusation. pictures of danny and brandy shelton. They have also lived in Glasgow, KY. Danny is related to Bill Shelton and Phillip Michael Shelton as well as 3 additional people. It appears that if someone does not believe as you would like them to believe, that you just keep saying the same thing over and over and over again - in hopes that the person will decide that you must be right. From: Lorraine Day In this book of over 500 pages Linda tells the story of how, after her first failed marriage, she met Danny Shelton, the founder of 3ABN, became intensely involved with the organization, and, after some time, married with Danny, whose first wife had died in a car crash. [7] As a senior, he won the state 4A shot put championship with a career-best throw of 18.31 meters (601). 2. That is obviously the reason she was forced to sign a Silence Agreement under the threat of receiving NO compensation at all when she was thrown out of 3ABN by Danny and the Board, if she did not sign it. It was only a short time before a specific date was chosen for the testing to be done that he, without any explanation, dropped the demand for $10,000.00. Paperback. Here is the e-mail in which Danny offers to get DNA tested for paternity of Trinity, but ONLY if I put up $10,000. If you think Linda was done so wrongly by me then you could take the money and give it to her. Is that correct? 5. To: Danny Shelton You can do with it what you want. You are the one who would like to lay the rumors to rest. Brandy and Shawn Brannack were married in June of 1996 and divorced on October 7, 1999, according to public records. New Zealand fashion photographer based in Auckland specialising in editorial, beauty and commercial photography. I reminded her that ALL beans are forbidden on the Health Plan while a person is getting well from cancer or any other life-threatening disease. And this began a full two years before Danny suddenly started accusing Linda. Latest on Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Danny Shelton including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN And she WAS fired. If it wasnt for the false charge of adultery for which you have NO evidence then tell all of us out here your specific reason. I guess I should just let you believe what you want as you are as bad as Joy and Pickle in making claims YOU CANNOT PROVE. The 3ABN Board is not exempt - even though you have behaved as though you are. No one has a biblical right to accuse me of something without proof. You obviously considered her expendable! So, Walter Thompson and all you other Board members, tell me and tell the world WHY did you fire Linda Shelton from her position as Vice President of 3ABN? And his answer that the wife (meaning Linda) did not want to remain married to her husband was blatantly false. I have a copy of a tape of Brenda telling lies, why dont you? Is it recordings? Brandy apparently unmarried at the time - became pregnant by Shawn Brannack, and gave birth to daughter Jody, Nov. 15, 1993. Brandy is related to Rachel Ashlie Shelton and Robert Earnest Shelton as well as 2 additional people. Your child may also need a number if you plan to: Buy savings bonds for the child; Obtain medical coverage for the child; or, Apply for government services for the child. So what if Brandy worked at 3ABN in 1999 or 2000?! A backlash of attention to the Ten Commandments--unleashed by recent U.S. court rulings--rallied Christians in defense of its public display. I wonder who could have been posting that deliberately false information!! Thanks again for talking with me tonight. At Lindas request, I even agreed to go to Southern Illinois and sit down with both of them to try to help them work out a settlement. And Trinity was at all times kept out of sight in the truck, lying down on the back seat, under a blanket according to Brandy. minnesota wild vs colorado avalanche prediction; north tyneside council envirolink; smartview2 system menu pin; high speed gear handcuff taco kydex; pictures of danny and brandy shelton. Caregiver at Greene . She said she had her mother and Bill Kerr and that she trusted them. Originally entered the NFL as the first-round (12th overall) draft pick with the Cleveland Browns in the 2015 NFL Draft. How can anyone know if Danny Shelton is right or wrong without hearing Lindas side? According to Lina, the car in question was solely in her name, but even that fact has nothing to do with Dannys illegal act. When I know I am right I don't consider that to be gambling because I am not taking a gamble or risk when there is 0 chance that I could be wrong. When Danny arrived for the DNA testing, he said he did not bring the tape, but that when we were finished, John Lomacang would bring the tape and allow me to listen to it. Yes, I am using that reference to Linda because you are obviously gullible when it comes to her. Just what claims am I making that I cannot prove? Facebook gives people the power.